Children of Men

I just saw a great movie. It’s called Children of Men and Alex happened to stumble upon it by chance. It’s loosely based on a book by PD James in which all humans have suddenly become infertile. The movie starts off 18 years after this happens, in a gloomy totalitarian England where riots and terrorist attacks are the norm. Everyone has lost faith in the future and the rest of world is basically apocalyptic. A resistance group that has not yet lost hope for a possible future rises against a government that is basically deporting anyone it doesn’t like to concentration camps.
It’s not a happy movie, but it’s a good one. Go see it.

2 thoughts on “Children of Men”

  1. I just saw it, as Guy advised. This movie shows quite a frightening image of the future. An interesting one though. Definitely not a feel-good movie, although it does have some sort of happy ending. This movie manages to keep hold of your attention till that moment. So in agreement to Guy I say you should check it out.

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