Suitcase gun

Je komt rare dingen tegen in je RSS feed. Zo dacht ik bijvoorbeeld dat functionele machinegeweren verbergen in koffertjes enkel gebeurde in Rodriguez films, misschien her en der wat science fiction en overdreven animes. Maar het blijkt dat Heckler & Koch dat soort dingen tegenwoordig ook gewoon maakt:

Check vooral het zeer foute Duitse promo filmpje (via):

3 thoughts on “Suitcase gun”

  1. For a nice addition to the Wall Street Assassin style that’s all the rage this season, you should look back at the bulletproof suits that Wired covered a couple years ago. They’re classy looking euro-style suits from Columbia that are woven with various fibers like kevlar and can stop a 9mm slug. They come in pinstripe too!

  2. Yeah, I read about that. I’m hoping that by the time I’m f*cking rich, you can just buy those fabrics and have a bespoke tailor build me anything I want from it. I mean, everyone needs bulletproof boxershorts, right?

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