A new direction

As you may have noticed, this blog has not been getting updated much in the past few years. Most of this is the result of jobs taking up my daily available capacity for quality writing. But it’s also a result of choices made while building previous versions of this site – magazine layouts with impressive spreads are beautiful to look at, but are costly in production time. If every article has to be accompanied by a high-quality wallpaper-size image, writing down your thoughts gets bogged down by the speed at which you can produce that kind of photography. At the same time, my decision to write in Dutch made sense 10 years ago when my blog was mainly aimed at friends and other geeks in the Dutch blogosphere, but now it just limits my reach to a pretty small country in this completely connected world.

So as of today, Style over Substance is an English-language, text-focused blog. I want to take the site into the direction of Kottke or Daring Fireball – more about my words than about flashy layouts. And yes, I do realize the utter irony considering the title of this site.

The switch to Twenty Sixteen feels extremely odd – I haven’t run a default WordPress theme since 1.5 – but kinda good at the same time. I’ll give this theme a few small tweaks here and there and then I’ll just let it be for now.

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