About this site

Style over Substance has been online since December 14, 2006. The name, partly inspired by critiques of my favorite movies by Baz Luhrman (Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge), is a tongue-in-cheek reference to my favorite rhetorical fallacy. This site was created to replace my personal blog on, which has existed since November 8, 2005. All posts on were moved to this blog and Style over Substance has been here ever since.

Throughout its existence the site has used Unsleepable, Klate2, Sandbox with Bus full of hippies, pure K2, K2 with True Blue style, K2 with a self-designed style, T1 Tumblelog, Agregado, Irresistible, Thematic, AutoFocus II Pro, Fable and The Writer as its theme. It currently uses the Evoke theme. Since July 21, 2017, the site has switched its language from Dutch to English. All older posts remain in their original language, but some have been translated and reposted to facilitate the change of language.

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