29 January 2007


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I was given a great link for my weight-loss goals: PhysicsDiet, a weight tracker that keeps track of your stats and makes exponentially smoothed moving average charts (ie trend lines) for you. I filled in my weight stats starting November 30th and made it a public profile so you can take a look at the stats it tracks. Check out the trend line chart for my entire tracking period here: you can even see where my average weight goes up during the Christmas period.

Though my goal is to hit 60kg on the scale before March 1st (and chances of this are looking up) my ‘real weight’ is my moving average. Right now my average is 62.7kg and I’m losing 0.56kg weekly, so I’d need 5 weeks to drop those last kilos. March 1st is 4 1/2 weeks away. Hmmmm…

Update: No, I’m wrong. I started dieting on October 19th, and the 10kg weight loss was a half year goal. I’ve got ’till the 19th of April to lose 10kg. But let’s stay with my previous goal: hit 60kg on the scale before March 1st, hit 60kg moving average before the 19th of March.

What do you think?