14 February 2007

Gadget round-up february

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Catching up on my design and gadget blogs, since I haven’t checked my feed since leaving for France. Some cool stuff:

Gravitonus ergonomic workstation, which lets you use your computer from the most relaxed position possible. (via, view on YouTube)

Reveal lighting makes it look like there’s sunlight beaming in from a window in closed rooms without natural light. (via)

Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millenium Falcon, made from 5195 Lego pieces (click for more pics). There’s a whole lot of cool Star Wars Lego sets in this Ultimate Collector series. (via)

Wrong, very wrong, yet sooo right. This razorblade pendant with the NIKE ‘just do it’ slogan on it is so morbid, I might just buy it and wear it. (via)

And to end this post:

’nuff said.

What do you think?