22 July 2009

Samsung Jet – Impatience is a virtue

By In Video

Paul stuurde me vandaag deze reclame van Samsung op voor hun nieuwe smartphone, de Jet. Zeer gaaf gedaan en niet een klein beetje geïnspireerd door de Choose Life speech uit het begin van Trainspotting. De diepere boodschap achter deze gaat echt nog wel tijdje in m’n achterhoofd zitten…
Overigens is het wel vreemd dat ze zo’n gave reclame voor Engeland hebben… en dan dit gedrocht internationaal gebruiken.

This is an advert for the Jet phone by Samsung
We thought we’d tell you this up front as we know you hate waiting.


Waiting drives us up the wall.
Waiting misses the flight, loses the match.
Waiting never gets ’round to it.
Henry is ninety and still waiting to be kissed.

Waiting doesn’t ask for the payraise, doesn’t get to the front.
Waiting never finishes first.

Then… there’s impatience.

Impatience got us faster cars, microwaves, remote controls and jets.
Impatience is in first, on top, at the front.
Impatience wants more and more and more.

Call her.
Call her right now.
Why wait for friday night? What’s wrong with tuesday morning?

If the movie’s boring, leave.
If the meeting’s dull, walk out.
Read the last page of a book.
Watch the last fifteen minutes first.
Get up early, stay out late.

Patience is knowing you’re bored and doing nothing about it.

Impatience is a virtue.


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