1 May 2019

Rose-gold Delta IA chronograph

How can you not love this 18 karat case and champagne dial.

By In Gear, Style 2 min read

On my wristwatch wish-list I’ve had a particular type of model that I wanted for a while: a gold chronograph. Not a gold-plated chronograph, but an actual solid gold model. The problem with plated watches is that the gold coating will always rub off. Especially when you’re talking vintage watches, where they might be 50 or more years old by now. My current gold-plated watches show a lot of this rubbing, particularly around lugs and the crown, which I didn’t like the look of that much.

I found this 35mm-wide piece on Catawiki. The rose-gold case is 18 karat gold, the dial is champagne. It’s branded “Delta IA” on the dial but has no other markings. Googling for Delta IA only reveals that there’s a town of Delta in the state of Iowa, but I doubt they named a watch brand after a town with a population of 328.


The ad said that the watch is running on a Landeron 48 movement, but when I popped the back it turned out… that it’s not. I’m not sure yet what this movement is, but a Landeron 48 is a cam movement. As you can see in this pic, this is definitely a column wheel movement.


So this whole thing is still a bit of a mystery. I’m assuming it’s a Chronograph Suisse piece, which often did white-label work for jewelers and brands, but to be honest – I don’t really have a clue.


But you won’t hear me complaining. This is one pretty watch and it’s going to get a lot of wrist-time.

What do you think?