As you can see if you’re not reading this post in an RSS reader, I’m using a new theme. This one is called Unsleepable2 by Ben Gray, a modification of K2. The last site redesign at was back in April, when I hacked up a K2 nightly build with graphics from eightface’s bastard pack to create a nicely distressed black and white theme, reminiscent of my emo angst days of yore. It was rather shoddy code, hastily made but functional. Since then I’ve had hundreds of good ideas about what to do if I could redesign it all, but lacked the courage to implement them.
Fact is, I’ve got a new site to design but I still lack the courage. I have some great ideas, including one involving moofx and lightbox and disappearing/reappearing navigational tricks that would either leave you dazzled or suffering from an epileptic attack, but the idea of putting them into code is disheartening. I know my way around code, I did study CompSci for two years, but that doesn’t make me a coder. I’d need a few months of geek rehabilitation before I’d dare call myself that again. And the thing is, I don’t have a few months – I need to spend the next year on getting an internship and finally finishing my degree.
So until I find some spare time to relearn the finer details of CSS, Javascript and PHP/MySQL, a slightly modified theme is all you’re going to get. But then again, Unsleepable is simply magnificent. There’s beauty in the details: the lowercase headings, the simple chronotags, the way the menu lights up… I still have some little things to fix, but I’m working on it.

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