9 February 2007

Plateau #1

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Fuck… For the past few weeks I’ve been using PhysicsDiet to track my diet and it’s been working perfectly… except I’ve been trailing my trend line and convincing myself I’ve been doing great. I’m not. As of 2 days ago, my trend line has caught up with my (stable, plateauing) weight and has been showing me this, leaving me no option to convince myself I’m still doing well.

And since I’m leaving for a 10 day snowboarding vacation, involving lots of junk food and beer, this doesn’t make me happy. We’ll see what damage I’ve done in about 2 weeks when I get on a scale again…

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  1. Matt Griffith 9 February 2007

    It looks like you’re doing fine to me. You have a 508 daily calorie deficit which puts you on pace to lose 1 lb/week which is great. Especially for someone with a BMI of 20.3. Just keep it in the green as much as possible and you’ll reach your goal.

    Have fun on your vacation!


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