5 February 2007

Superbowl 2007 commercials

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Superbowl 2007 is over and as usual, I didn’t give a shit about the game but did want to see the Superbowl commercials. The best link I found for them was the YouTube Superbowl site. The ones I liked (in no particular order):

Bud Light immigration class
Bud Light hitchhiker
Bud Light rock, paper, scissors
Coca Cola’s GTA spoof
Garmin’s Power Ranger spoof
Nationwide Kevin Federline diss
GM sad robot
Careerbuilder death fight
E*Trade robbed by your bank
Bud Select Jay-Z vs Shula

Some bad ones?
E*Trade one finger features a horribly bad bit of Dutch, about halfway through.
Flomax… I don’t know what to say. After this commercial, I don’t think I’ll ever take Flomax, even if I really really needed to.
Revlon Sheryl Crow, honestly, who gives a flying fuck?

  1. Thomas 5 February 2007

    Honestly, I’m not very impressed…

  2. Guy 5 February 2007

    I’m mostly fond of the Coca Cola GTA spoof and GM’s sad robot. The other ones are amusing. The rest of the Superbowl line-up just sucked.

  3. Joram 6 February 2007

    Mooi vond ik toch wel de (geweigerde) PETA-reclame: http://www.petatv.com/swf/super_bowl.swf

    Jammer genoeg geen Apple dit keer, helaas 🙂


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