27 June 2018

From Berlin, with Leica

Take a look at some highlights from our trip!

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It took a while, but I finally got some time to really stretch the Leica’s legs after I gave her a proper Summicron lens. Toying around with the Jupiter-12 was fun, but Soviet-era glass can’t compete with proper German Leica optics. So when Marrit and I were planning our trip to Berlin this spring I figured I’d bring the M3 and a few rolls of Fomapan 400 black and white film. Take a look at some highlights from the shots!

We arrived at the Ostbahnhof station in east-Berlin.


As we walked over to the hotel we saw a tagged van that completely encapsulated that Berlin feel for me.


Street art is everywhere in Berlin, especially on the Eastern side. Keeping it real.


A quick pic of the Spree riverside. The Spree winds down through the city and gives ample room for official and unofficial riverside seating.


The Holocaust memorial is incredibly impressive. Words can’t really describe it, you have to go there and see it, walk through it, feel it, to understand.


There’s street buskers everywhere, and this one was having a grand time amusing the kids with soap bubbles glinting in the sunlight.


For a first trip with the Leica I’d say the results are not too shabby. She does deserve better film than the Fomapan though; I’ll start running some HP5 and Portra through next to see what I can achieve with that.

What do you think?